My hip injury was worse than I thought.  After taking a full week off (then running an abysmal 5k), I thought it was better.  And it was, for two whole days.  Then the pain and stiffness returned.  I was stupid and tried to run through it for a few more days, but I gave up, and took an entire three weeks rest.  It was so frustrating, not just because I knew it would pretty much destroy the fitness base I’d built the last few months, but because my times in trainings were inching closer and closer to my goal time.  My last three runs in early July were all under 7:20 pace, and I felt if I could just hang on for a few more weeks, I could get my 22 at the SF Marathon 5k, then take time off to rest my hip.  I tried to will my body on board with my (logical, well-reasoned) plan, until I realized that I was limping dramatically down the street on an easy weekend run, and I knew I had to call it.  No race, no 22.

So, three weeks (did I mention that?) of no running, of stretching and waiting.  Today I finally headed back out, tossed off two at 8:20 pace.  Hip felt fine, fitness didn’t feel too bad (I’m going to totally ignore the minute per mile difference for now).  Now, stretching, icing, and waiting to see if I can do it again tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.