After a solid few weeks of base mileage and tempo runs, it was time to get some speed work in.  The plan was just to treat this as a barometer to see where I’m at without overdoing it and getting injured.  A short ladder (200, 400, 600, 400, 200, equal rests) should do it my first time out.

It quickly became apparent that, while my legs were up for it, my stomach was not.  Every day this week, I’ve unintentionally consumed 2/3 of my day’s calories in a late lunch at 3:30.  Not so bad for an easy run, but way too heavy for speed work.  I knew that 600 wasn’t going to happen, so I decided to add in another set of 200-400 and alternate (so, 2-4-2-4-2-4).  I struggled to keep the I’m-about-to-puke choking feeling down, but my times weren’t bad: :53, 1:53, :50, 1:57, 47, 1:47.  Apparently consistency and pacing are not my strong suits.  But, hey, negative repeats!

I’m loving all the little ways that running creeps into all the other areas of life.  Work has been a hectic, so I’ve been eating on a different schedule and it’s impacting my workouts.  After jettisoning my original plan to top out at 600, I’ve decided to put an earlier lunch as an appointment in my work calendar, so that I don’t forget about lunch time, even if I can’t get away from my desk at  the time.  I certainly don’t want running to become the cult-like obsession it was for me in my Super Runner phase, but there’s no way that running can exist as an independent entity from everything else in my life.

Verdict: Other than that whole “about to puke from a 1:53 400 in front of a bunch of high school lacrosse players” thing, today was great.  My legs felt strong, by breathing was steady and I feel like I’ve got more speed in me.  17 days to race day.